P. GRACIELA · Jumpsuit


GRACIELA is a very special jumpsuit made of 100% cotton and it has printed brown lines. It has a patch pocket in the front and two on the back. The straps are adjustable with two button heights. A relaxed and rustic style with a lot of elegance at the same time.  The indispesable garement because of its versatility making it suitable to wear during the whole year.



Total length cm, waist width cm, hip width cm

Helena usually wears a Ten Twelve’s XS/S and is 160cm tall. In this case, she is wearing a Unique Size equivalent to a XS/S size.

Care instructions: Cotton is a soft natural fiber that grows on cotton seeds. We advise washing in the washing machine with cold water or at a maximum temperature of 30º. If the water temperature is very high, the garment can shrink or even lose color. When the cotton garment is new and colored it is necessary to wash it alone because it usually loses a little color in the first wash. Do not use in the dryer. It is recommended to iron with steam at high-medium temperature. 


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