ORGANIC · Bracelet



Your ring will be made to measure once you place your order, and it will be delivered within 20 days.


Bracelet made with an aged and matte silver, with black diamonds organically set. The design remind us the importance of living connected to nature, going back to the essentials and gives us back the strength and recharge that we sometimes need thanks to the benefits of the black diamond.

The Diamond is useful for strengthening emotional ties in the couple. It symbolizes both physical and mental purity. The Diamond will thus encourage you to remain faithful to the person of your heart, it will bring harmony, trust and complicity in your love relationship.

The Diamond does not recharge. You simply need to feel the direct contact with you to recover its natural benefits.



Care instructions: It is recommended not to bathe with the it in the pool or in the sea. Do not add perfume or chemicals that can damage the metal. It is important to clean them with a cotton cloth before storing them in their bag.


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