PYRITE · Amulet neck lace



Your ring will be made to measure once you place your order, and it will be delivered within 20 days.


Pendant made with a silver chain and a Pyrite, a mineral that works to raise your abundance. Each mineral has a unique shape and is attached with a silver thread that protects and wraps it.

What is abundance for you? For us it is to have everything that the heart desires and needs… and sometimes the simplest things are the most valuable!

The PYRITE amulet helps to channel the values ​​that are important to you and materialize them.


Chain of 60cm Total Length. Each mineral has a unique size.

Care instructions: It is recommended not to bathe with the it in the pool or in the sea. Do not add perfume or chemicals that can damage the metal. It is important to clean them with a cotton cloth before storing them in their bag.


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