This is a project created to complement the Ten Twelve lifestyle. Created with the aim of collaborating with different conscious brands that share our values ​​and where you will find a small and detailed selection of articles, products and objects that speak about us.


“It is very exciting to be part of the Ten Twelve project with which we share philosophy and values ​​such as love for nature, simplicity and things well done, slowly and with soul.” – Natividad Fernández, Founder of Tres Soles


“My profession, pharmacist, and my love of outdoor sports have allowed me to connect science with nature to create this line of fragrances and air fresheners that aims to create sensory experiences that transport you to the island wherever you are. We join Ten twelve because a sustainable future is built through collaboration”. – Ana Rojas, Founder of Aromas de Mallorca


“My name is Mónica Hurtado de Mendoza, I sign under the pseudonym Muida, a union of my name and surnames, and I have created a creative Studio born from the need to express emotions through experimentation, color and form on different supports.

Ten Twelve appeared in my life unexpectedly, I discovered them and immediately felt a strong union with their brand philosophy, life and many other values ​​that define them. When I found out that Nagore was doing mentoring, I got in touch with her, and that’s how she became an essential part of this entire creative process that might never have seen the light of day.

I created the Memories Collection, which can be visited at La Tejería Mallorca, with great enthusiasm based on its color range; earth tones, pinks, ochres… These are colors that are also part of me and I felt happy to be able to create pieces with them, from the depths, from the memories of my childhood, from my life in Morocco, from the smell of the countryside , and to let go and embrace each one of them, giving space to error, to impulse, to the unexpected, like when we were children.”. – Mónica Hurtado de Mendoza, Founder of MUIDA STUDIO

Anonymous Copenhagen

At Anonymous Copenhagen, they believe that the best way to embrace the changes, that our planet need, is to be environmentally conscious. That’s why they are committed to reducing their own carbon footprint. They pursue sustainability throughout the entire value chain and follow social corporate responsibility best practices, including collaborating with companies who share the same values as they do.

Quality is at the core in Anonymous Copenhagen shoes. They strive to deliver high quality products that, with the right maintenance, last. Unlike many fast fashion brands, they produce only what’s requested by our clients and own stores. The few products, that are not sold via own channels, are sold through partners. This timely and thorough process secure an absolute minimum of waste.


After her development as Marketing and Communication Director in companies in the textile industry, Maider Eguskiza decided in 2016 to build her own universe by creating the Wild and Salty brand. A brand with sustainable responsibility, designing quality, sophisticated and timeless pieces with a personal touch.

As a lover of beaches and the sea, the brand started with a swimwear collection that reflected her own vision of the Wild and Salty universe. A collection of bikinis and swimming costumes with flattering feminine cuts that are very functional and make the wearer feel comfortable and confident. Ready for action and improvisation on long summer days.

Eleven People

Eleven People is an eco-conscious company that seeks to minimize its environmental impact by choosing to use recyclable packaging and shipping materials with as little plastic as possible.


At MAMINAT we understand that beauty is something holistic and that it is related to health and the balance between body, emotion and mind. Our work processes are artisanal and that makes us more aware of everything we do. We only use raw materials that nature gives us and our products are toxic-free.