Image consulting • Conscious wardrobe


Once you have already invested in your service, within 24 to 48 hours we will contact you to send you the questionnaire and the link to book your appointment.

What is an image consultancy?

It is a session with Nagore and Olga whose objective will be to help you find confidence in your body and style, guiding you to discover the fabrics, shapes and colors that best suit you, to invest in fashion more consciously and thus leave to accumulate to start hoarding.

When to purchase a session?

We want to accompany you at any time when you feel the need for a change, either because you feel that you cannot find the right style or colometry for you, you need a renovation of your wardrobe, you are going through a change of image, professional or simply want to optimize your time and budget.

Advantages of a consultancy:

  • You will enjoy a 1-hour session in which to treat, in a personalized way, all those topics that help you to define and enhance your personal style based on your goals.
  • After our session you will have a clearer way of understanding your body, define the volumes with which you feel most comfortable and better select those mixtures that will make you feel good within a better defined style.
  • You can enjoy a coupon of 30 euros to enjoy in your next more conscious purchases of Ten Twelve.
  • We will briefly and specifically summarize the aspects that you will have to take into account in order to get the most out of your conscious wardrobe.

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